• Our People

    Our People

    At Soneva we call our employees hosts as we recognize that our hosts form a key ingredient to our ongoing success. We believe the best hosts are local hosts, and they are given priority for employment. We are hosts to our guests and deliver our service with pride.

  • Host Village

    The Host Village accommodates most of our hosts at our resorts. Apart from good accommodation, the Host Village also offers a restaurant, game rooms, TV salas, a library, sports facilities and a shop.

    Host Village
  • Equal Opportunities

    Equal Opportunities

    Everybody has equal right to opportunity and success. We champion gender equality in parts of the world where it is not always wholeheartedly supported. Some hosts have been with Soneva for years and this sense family is felt and appreciated by our guests.

  • Shafeeq at Home

    There are three generations of Shafeeq’s family providing for the island. His grandfather weaves baskets and his father and brother catch local fish. From a nearby island, they love to share with hosts and guests their local knowledge and experience.

    Shafeeq at Home
  • Khun Benz

    Khun Benz

    15 years ago, Sonu and Eva stopped at a cafe in rural Thailand for directions. They found Khun Benz who they instantly knew was special and invited her to join the Soneva family. Benz worked at Soneva Fushi for 10 years before returning to Thailand, opening her restaurant at Soneva Kiri.

  • Abdul – Longest Serving Host

    Abdul has worked for Soneva for more than 25 years and has watched Soneva Fushi grow and develop into a world leading resort. He held a senior position in Soneva’s Engineering department, before being recently transferred to Soneva Jani to help with the opening.

    Abdul – Longest Serving Host
  • Khun Buoy & Family

    Khun Buoy & Family

    Khun Buoy is a water sports instructor at Soneva Kiri. His family has been residents of Koh Kood for generations. His brother Po is the latest in a long line of fishermen and with his father, they fish in the local waters. Buoy also works alongside two other brothers in different areas of the resort

  • Histo the Politician

    Viktor Pinchuk, from Ukraine, was introduced to Histo as his Mr Friday. Inspired by Viktor, Histo started helping his community and became a Member of Parliament in the Maldives. Today he is the Vice President of the Human Rights Commission in the Maldives.

    Histo the Politician