2 Bedroom Junior Ocean Pool Retreat

Inspired by our love of sun, sea and spa, your 2-Bedroom Junior Ocean Pool Retreat is a spacious multi-level castle in sustainable timber. Four towering pavilions topped by elegantly tapering white rooftops connect to each other via expanses of sundecks, boardwalks and staircases – your own playfully luxe kingdom by the sea.

Awaken in the luxury master bedroom suite. Proceed through your private dressing area to a glorious open-air bathroom. Promenade to the spiral staircase behind your retreat’s second bedroom pavilion and descend to the dining area for a breakfast in the intimacy of the retreat. Continue onwards to the entertainment pavilion and kick back with a leisurely game or two, or perhaps dip into your half-moon pool.

Whenever you wish to explore, your environmentally friendly electric buggy awaits.

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