Dotting the Indian Ocean, far from any mainland shore, the Maldives have developed an intriguing culture like nowhere else on earth. Shaped by life on the sea, touched by Islamic traders who brought their own rich traditions, the Maldivian people exhibit a warmth and strength of character that speak to us and lend their wealth of knowledge to our day-to-day life on this castaway island.

Passing dhonis, the traditional Maldivian sailboats with their graceful curving prows, are a familiar sight and offer a glimpse at the seafaring culture of our home. Many of our hosts come from nearby islands and would be proud to show your family around, teaching everyone a few words of the Dhivehi tongue along the way.

Some recommended cultural activities at Soneva Fushi:

Learn Maldivian history with a trip to the Kudarikilu island museum
Ancestral dinner
Maldivian cooking class
Sustainable fishing
Visit Baa Atoll Island by dhoni
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