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Ever Soneva So Blue (12/05 - 31/08)

The "Ever Soneva So Blue" marine program has been planned for you to discover the beauty of the Indian Ocean, especially as Soneva Fushi is located within the only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Maldives. Enjoy the full week of activities of your choice as you wish. 

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Children's Summer Camp (10/04 - 31/08)

The annual Summer Camps at both Soneva Fushi have become a haven for inquisitive children whose imaginations might be in danger of being greyed out by cityscapes. 

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Visiting Practitioner Jacqueline Bourbon (9/2/2015 - 30/4/2015)

Healer in Residence. Spiritual Healer and Medium, Jacqueline Bourbon astonishes everyone that has a treatment with her. Known for reading emotional and physical symptoms from a glance, Jacqueline can alleviate troubles you had presumed deep rooted. 
Jacqueline’s Spiritual Healing works both in the places that conventional medicine can, and cannot, reach – reaching often the root causes of the illness rather than just the symptoms, i.e. on a spiritual, emotional and mental level, as well as physical. 
The human spirit, incarnate and discarnate, is a very powerful thing!

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Visiting Practitioner Maureen Cromey (20/3/2015 - 10/4/2015)

Six Senses Spa at Soneva Fushi is delighted to welcome back Maureen Cromey – Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Herbalist

Maureen Cromey graduated in acupuncture in 1986 after completing her clinical practice in Guangzhou, China. She studied Chinese herbal medicine in London in 1990. She has her own practice in London, and has a special interest in nutrition and in both Chinese and western 
paediatrics. She has contributed to the work of the British Acupuncture Council, advising them on the revision of the Codes of Practice. She has been a member of the EJOM Editorial Team since 1994, and is particularly enjoying contributing to EJOM presenting challenging articles which trigger debate and broaden the thinking processes of the whole acupuncture profession. 
Maureen will be a Visiting Practitioner at Soneva Fushi from 20th March - 10th April 2015

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