Sunset Dolphin Cruise
Can there be a more fascinating and beautiful experience during your tropical holiday than watch¬ing dozens of playful dolphins in the light of the setting sun? Dolphins are regular visitors in the waters near Soneva Jani, and sightings are almost guaranteed. While you cruise in the deeper wa¬ters on a dhoni, (the traditional Maldivian boat) you will be served a selection of canapés and a flute of sparkling wine. This popular excursion is one of the best opportunities to take home some wonderful memories of the Maldives.

Private Sunset Dolphin Cruise
Enjoy the sunset and the dolphins on your own private cruise, with canapés and champagne.

Maghoodhoo Island by Speedboat
Visit our nearest local island within the Noonu Atoll with its harbour and banyan trees and sleepy local village life. Experience the real life of the Maldives and visit the mosques, hospital, school, cemetery and other significant sights to gain a little more insight into the local culture by watching the people at work, rest and play. Learn how they live and work, prepare their food and relax (which is a primary pastime in Maldives) on their jolies and ondolies (the wo¬ven chairs) and of course play football. The population of the island is about 400, and the famous Maldivian hospitality will soon become apparent as you will be greeted by many friendly faces.

Kudafari Island by Speedboat
Kudafari is a small traditional fishing island with only 600 inhabitants, and is an exemplary example of a community that have found the most sustainable ways of living in this paradise. Visit the area where the local ladies sit and chatter and watch them weave mats and baskets as they have done on the island for hundreds of years. The island has no cars, and they are trying to ban all motorised vehicles and use only bicycles. The streets are shaded streets with beautiful old trees. They manage their island beautifully, with a sustainable management programme for their waste and have a coral regeneration programme organised by the women of the island. There is a delightful beach side café that serves delicious BBQ fish.

Noonu Atoll Adventure by Speed Boat
During this journey you will have the opportunity to see two local islands and enjoy a special snorkelling trip to one of the reefs in the Noonu atoll. On the local islands, you can gain an im-pression of the Maldivian local’s culture and every-day lives; see the mosque, school, boat-building areas, chat to some of the locals and enjoy the classic Maldivian lunch in Kudafari Island. After our homely experience of local lunch, our boat captain will take you to one of the area’s most beautiful reefs for a wonderful snorkelling experience.

Astronomical Dinner Cruise
Take advantage of the dark skies over the Maldives and head out into the ocean for this unique dining experience. Our in-house Astronomer will be on hand to explain some of the greatest secrets of the universe, and discover the planets and Milky Way from a Maldivian angle. Relax on the top deck of Scooba Do 2, and enjoy the sun setting over the Indian Ocean while savouring the delicious wine and dinner, waiting for the evening to darken and for the stars to brighten.

Robinson Crusoe Castaway Picnic
If you think you have found peace and tranquillity on Soneva Jani, then prepare yourself for the ultimate Robinson Crusoe experience!
Let us whisk you away to one of our deserted islands to feel like a true Castaway. Our boat will sail you to one of the uninhabited islands within our lagoon, with your picnic basket, snorkelling gear, sunbeds and umbrella… and then leave you to enjoy your day.

Sonu’s Picnic
Take your desert island experience to another level, and try Sonu’s favourite – lunch on a desert island prepared by your own personal chef. Dip yourself in the crystal clear blue lagoon with our in-house snorkelling guide while your chef prepares gourmet temptations in the most romantic of settings.

Cooking Classes
Learn to cook your favourite dishes with our chef in the Gathering’s beautiful open kitchen. The chef will host the classes personally and will guide you through the secrets of all the ingredients and preparations. Once your cooking is finished, take your seat and enjoy the fruits of your effort, accompanied by a glass of champagne.
The basic preparations are already done by our chef’s team; hence all you have to do is enjoy the cooking and eating.
Maximum six guests. Available in the morning starting at 11.00 am, leading into your lunch.

Private Full Moon Dinner
Once a month over the lunar cycle, we prepare a unique dining experience served on the sandbar of North Beach at the north end of ‘Medhufaru’ Island. In celebration of the full moon we re-create a moon shaped seating arrangement under the brightly lit night sky.

Private Beach Dinner
Take the short boat ride from the Gathering to enjoy the most private beach dinner at ‘The Beach’ in the beautiful lagoon. Our Chefs will design a bespoke menu to suit your culinary palate and your hosts will arrange a beautiful table at the water’s edge.

Private Sunrise Breakfast at the South Beach
The golden rays bring a unique and memorable experience to your morning. Relish in your early morning breakfast in a tropical paradise whilst lying on the comfortable mattress. Let the morning breeze heal you for another beautiful day at Soneva Jani.

‘The Beach’ Private Sunrise Breakfast
Let us sail you over to your very own private island, where a wonderful continental breakfast will be prepared on the sea shore, overlooking the coral reefs and the eastern horizon. Wait for that serene moment when the emerging sun rises from the East to the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore.

Astronomical Dining Experience
Dining under the stars has just taken a whole new meaning. Inspired by the impressiveness of the sky above, Soneva Jani has created the ultimate in dining experiences. Starting at 6:30pm, join the astronomer on the flat roofed observatory and begin to connect with the sky above. See the colors of the last light from the Sun and then let the in-house astronomer take you on a tour of the night sky with the assistance of a laser pointer and 16-inch telescope. You will see the different constellations, hear cultural stories from around the world, and learn about different planetary and deep sky objects and how to use the stars as a calendar and for orientation. Sit back and enjoy a dinner that is truly out of this world with flavour and style, a truly unique four course dining experience.