Dining Room


Breakfast Buffet 7:30 -11:00 hrs (Daily)
Dinner 19:30 - 22:00 hrs
(Wed only as buffet)

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We believe some of life's greatest delights are the simple pleasures. Perfectly flaky croissants melting in your mouth as you lounge over sparkling waters. Fresh fruits. A sea breeze. An exquisite as-you-like-it cup of coffee.

Perched atop rocky cliffs and sheltered amidst verdant tree canopy, the Dining Room entreats you to share in these lavishly simple moments. Its rustic-chic design serves as a natural complement to the beauty of the views. At breakfast, bask in a leisurely ambience as you peruse an array of enticing starts to your day. From the dedicated ham and cheese room, featuring sumptuous homemade cheeses, charcuterie and own-smoked salmon, to a wealth of other global flavours including a menu of creative Thai and Mediterranean fare from the Cooking Hut. Take your pick of more luscious delicacies straight from the wood-fired rock oven, hot and cold smoke oven and the earthen tandoor.

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