In life there is often an ecstatic joy in things just below the surface – the emotions unspoken, palpable tension, exquisite anticipation. And then there is the rush of breaking the surface, reaching and immersing yourself full body. As we stare out at the ocean – a frequent pastime in our seaside lifestyle – we see an unbroken expanse but know that just beyond eyesight a profusion of wonders reign.

We invite you to break through and surround yourself in the bursts of colours that explode throughout the reefs. Our trusted experts – including the exclusive option of our marine biologist – sail you to the most amazing snorkelling destinations in our corner of the Gulf. In hot spots like Koh Kyak, Koh Thong Lang and Koh Rang, you’ll seek out rock formations teeming with wildlife and coral gardens that look as if they were designed by abstract artists of unmatched imagination. Swim amidst swirling hues a world away from the vision seen from just above.


Koh Chang National Park offers two-dozen dive sites down to 30 metres though much of the more colourful coral thrives closer to the surface, around 12 metres.

Experienced dive masters lead the way underwater to blue spotted sting rays, angelfish, fusiliers, sweet lips, moral eels, turtles and schools of banner of fish.

Some recommended water activities at Soneva Kiri:

  • So Sun Sea Safari
  • Private picnic and snorkelling
  • Diving courses
  • Sunrise breakfast cruise
  • Sunset cocktail cruise

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