We invite you to sample treatments from the Six Senses spa menu to embark on sensory journeys without leaving the enclave of Soneva Kiri.

Treat yourself to world-spanning excursions – from locally inspired treatments to the healing therapies of Asia and beyond. Mud massages, Thai herbal baths, silk facials, warm oils of Ayurveda and a rich selection of wellness rituals await your choosing.

Visiting Practitioners


Lorenzo Becchi

Lorenzo is a leading holistic therapist specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Craniosacral therapy.  It was a profound disillusionment with the failures of conventional medicine that inspired him to start a journey into the exploration of alternative therapies that have the ability to resolve people’s problems.

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Christopher Freeland

Toff has spent over 40 years researching ancient cultures, vital energy and its interaction with the environment. The upshot is a blend of energetics (biomagnetism, moxibustion, sound and vibrational frequencies), chiromagnetism (laying on of hands), Realaxation® (meditation) and radiesthesia (pendulum) applied to people and things.

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Indulge in a full-body deep tissue massage designed to pamper, relax and prepare you for a 'No News, No Shoes' experience.

Water Shiatsu

Suspend in warm water while your therapist gently stretches and masssages your limbs. Work with the water to lessen the strain on your body.