About Us

Guardians of places that have existed long before us, our unique vision is inspired by nature’s magnitude, mystery and enchanting beauty.

Founded on shared passions and masters of innovation, we are a thriving community working hand in hand with the environment to craft beautiful, beyond bespoke experiences where discovery is a way of life.

With our expert hosts as your personal guide, we invite you to explore and delight in the possibility of each moment as time melts away and lose yourself in experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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The Buzz Aldrin Space Awards trophies were created in the Glass Studio at Soneva Fushi. Browse Soneva's many awards from around the world.

Our Purpose

Find out more about the initiatives and communities that Soneva is involved in, as well as the Soneva Foundation.


Delve into the story behind the creation of Soneva Resorts.