Let this be an August to remember

This August Soneva’s Festival of Colour lights up Soneva Fushi’s kitchens with eight Michelin stars. Japan’s youngest three-starred chef, Kenji Gyoten, returns to offer guests the chance to skip the six-month long waiting list at his restaurant, Sushi Gyoten, in Fukuoka. Don’t miss France’s three-starred Chef Christian Le Squer who defines himself as a creator of flavours and composer of tastes. While Chef Kiko Moya from Spain brings his two Michelin stars to the Maldives and offers gourmet explorers dishes full of delicacy, skill and traditional flavours.

For a quintessentially Japanese experience in the Maldives, Soneva Fushi is hosting a sake and Japanese tapas tasting with Takeyasu Shojima and Yoshifumi Tashima. Then find yourself in the healing hands of one of Japan’s most celebrated beauticians, Mika Takahashi. What better way to wind down your summer or simply just indulge?

Visiting Dates:
Chef Christian Le Squer - August 11-25
Chef Kenji Gyoten - August 18-29
Mika Takahashi - August 20-25
Takeyasu Shojima and Yoshifumi Tashima - August 21-25
Chef Kiko Moya - August 25 - September 1

Our resort has limited availability, please book now to enjoy these unforgettable experiences at Soneva Fushi, this August.

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