• Biodiversity

    The preservation of our environment is essential to a biodiverse future. Responsible tourism has a key role to play in the protection of some of our most beautiful ecosystems and endangered species. Soneva takes great pride in supporting conservation and restoration efforts. Biodiversity Survey prepared by our resident biologist.

  • Marine Biologist

    Soneva has for many years hired a full-time Marine Biologist who undertakes a range of activities such as monitoring the house reef, training hosts, taking guests on snorkeling trips and explaining about the marine life related Soneva.

    Marine Biologist
  • Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

    Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

    Soneva Fushi through its Marine Biologist has since 2007 worked with the other resorts in the Baa Atoll to get Baa Atoll recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The status was achieved 2011.

  • Shark Fish Ban

    100 million sharks are killed each year. Soneva Fushi has been actively campaigning against shark fishing in Maldives. By petitioning, educating and pressuring the government this goal was finally realised in July 2010 and the Maldives became only the second country in the world to implement an outright ban on shark fishing.

    Shark Fish Ban
  • Coral Restoration

    Coral Restoration

    At Soneva Kiri we started a Coral Restoration project in 2011 using metal frames with electrical current from solar panels. 1,850 corals were transplanted and 30 tons of live rock incorporated over 40×12 metres. Progress has been excellent with 69 different fish species counted.

  • Air Quality

    Bicycles or electrical buggies are the chosen mode of on-site transportation apart from walking. This ensures good air quality with zero-exhaust and low noise level.

    Air Quality
  • Vegetable Garden

    Vegetable Garden

    Herb & vegetable garden is an important part of Soneva resorts. Following organic principles, no artificial fertilizers are used but rather composting soil from our composting piles. The purpose of this is to both reduce our carbon footprint from freight of food items and to be able to serve fresh and nutritional food. This is particularly relevant for the Maldives, which rely to a large extent on imported food. It also improves our guest satisfaction. We have received numerous guest comments praising Soneva Fushi’s rocket salad, as tasting far better than top city restaurants.