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Mantas Are Back

And here it has arrived, my favorite time of the year, when Manta Rays come back to visit us in Baa Atoll. One of our first encounters has been with Racheebabes a female manta ray with a small damage on left pectoral fin. We didn’t manage …

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Soneva’s Festival of Colour

Soneva is proud to introduce the Festival of Colour 2018, which celebrates a diverse collection of activities and experiences across all of our resorts. The Festival of Colour runs from February 2018 to February 2019, and includes visiting …

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Soneva Kiri, a dream come true

6 months in, and I’m figuring it’s time to introduce myself! I’m Eline, the new-ish Environment Officer and Marine Biologist at Soneva Kiri. Being Dutch-Thai, it is such a blessing to have been able to return to my home country and work on the …

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Cute but Deadly

The Yellow Boxfish (Ostracion cubicus) is a well-loved fish for its cute looks and bright appealing colouration. A small fish, reaching a maximum size of about 45cm, it’s body is comprised of a hard external skin, which is formed by many fused …

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Shark or Ray?

Here’s one interesting creature which has taken a liking to our lagoon. The Guitar Fish, or otherwise known as the Guitar Shark. The Guitarfishes scientific name is ‘Rhinobatis,’ which derived from the words ‘Rhinos’ meaning nose and ‘Batis’ …

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World Water Day

Yesterday, March 22, marked World Water Day. Did you know that 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water? And that by 2050, the number of people who live in severely water-scarce areas is could be 3 billion? To make matters …

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