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World Seagrass Day

An unsightly nuisance to some, and a favourite food to others. March has become seagrass awareness month in many parts of the world, and on March 1 we celebrate World Seagrass Day. What is seagrass? Anything green in the sea could be mistaken as …

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Glasscycle Studio

The techniques required for glassmaking have barely changed over the 5,000 years that glass has been made. During the Middle Ages, the Venetian island of Morano was the epicentre of glassmaking. It was a secretive business, however, and those …

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A Trip to Soneva Water HQ

    The people of Maalhos buy their water in 1.5 litre disposable plastic bottles. On average, a household of four will go through 72 plastic bottles per month. That means that, incredibly, the island as a whole will use and discard …

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Crabshack at Soneva Jani (Part II)

Take a tour of the Crab Shack’s unfinished dining and bar areas, and hear what inspired the design of Soneva Jani’s latest dining outlet. Watch video here

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World Cleanup Day

This week, on the 15th September, we saw the celebration of World Cleanup Day. This is a worldwide event, that aims to unite people together from all around the globe to work towards creating a ‘Waste-Free World.’ This day was created not only …

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Back to the Floor

Every so often Soneva’s General Managers and our CEO and Joint Creative Director, Sonu Shivdasani go back to the floor to learn about our resort’s day to day operations. We believe that lifelong learning, no matter what your position, is a …

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