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Creatures of the Night

Night Snorkelling is one of the nicest and weirdest experience, which any avid snorkeller should once try. We get in the water as the sun is setting, when some of the creatures are getting ready to “disappear” for the night and some …

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Nearly everything present on land has its marine version underwater. For example, cleaner fish stations and car wash stations, fireflies and bioluminescence plankton, turtles who are the gardeners of the ocean, and so many others! However, can …

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Fishy Army

You have probably seen this white and blue Damsel-Fish that has a yellow margin on the dorsal part of its body, nearly everywhere, whether it has been in the Atlantic, Pacific or Indo-pacific ocean, due to their wide distribution. Although there …

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Freediving with world champions

Us Marine Biologists at Soneva spend quite a bit of time snorkelling and introducing our guests to the wonder of the sea. We use our excursions almost as a museal tour, diving down and pointing out the most interesting creatures to explain what …

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Coral Restoration Workshop

Have you ever heard about coral gardening and coral restoration? They are techniques that allow people to help reefs recover from anthropogenic or natural damages. I knew a bit about it, but I definitely needed to learn more. During the last …

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