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Fishy Army

You have probably seen this white and blue Damsel-Fish that has a yellow margin on the dorsal part of its body, nearly everywhere, whether it has been in the Atlantic, Pacific or Indo-pacific ocean, due to their wide distribution. Although there …

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Freediving with world champions

Us Marine Biologists at Soneva spend quite a bit of time snorkelling and introducing our guests to the wonder of the sea. We use our excursions almost as a museal tour, diving down and pointing out the most interesting creatures to explain what …

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Coral Restoration Workshop

Have you ever heard about coral gardening and coral restoration? They are techniques that allow people to help reefs recover from anthropogenic or natural damages. I knew a bit about it, but I definitely needed to learn more. During the last …

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Sneaky Snake-Eel

Here is a common question: “Do we have sea snakes in the Maldives?” And the answer must be yes as we have (rarely) a species of pelagic sea snake. But most commonly, people will encounter another wonderful animal looking like the …

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Mangrove Madness

The Mangrove is a unique habitat. Neither fully marine, nor terrestrial, they bridge the border between land and sea. Existing in tropical and sub-tropical regions, the mangrove tree has a very unique trait which enables them to colonise this …

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