Chef Massimiliano

24th March - 1st April

Massimiliano works alongside his grandparents Natale and Valentino, concentrating on the organization and management of the San Domenico kitchens. Chef Max began working at just 14 years old: for five years while attending high school, he attended classes and worked in the kitchens. After earning his diploma, he decided to travel to broaden his knowledge of raw materials, techniques, and flavours. Chef Max’s career includes working in Italy at Ristorante Vissani and at Ristorante Romano in Viareggio, in the United States at Osteria Fiamma in New York, and in France first at the Bastide Saint Antoine and finally in Paris at the multi-star court of Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athené. Today at the age of 30, Massimiliano represents the new generation of the restaurant and is also a symbol of the continuous tradition to innovate and renew while conserving his solid roots in Italian gastronomic tradition.