Our Philosophy

Inspiring a Lifetime of Rare Experiences

“We have pursued “Intelligent Luxury”: our desire is to challenge and to fully understand True Luxury, not a outdated version which is commonplace in the luxury industry. The last 30 to 40 years has seen a major shift in consumer geography. The modern luxury consumer no longer comes from the countryside, but from the city: London, Paris, New York, Tokyo…where they live in a variety of boxes: apartment box; car box; office box and so on, and all the while surrounded by pollution. One drinks at bars with marble counters and dines at restaurants where one eats imported Wagyu beef, with a chemically enhanced salad. One walks on metal, plastic, and concrete with leather-bound feet.

With this in mind, the experience we have created for our guests is as far detached from an urban scenario as possible and it allows them to indulge in things they rarely ever get to do in their urban or suburban lifestyles, our intention is to provide “Real Luxury”. In other words, experiences that are Rare which at the same time touch a chord in their hearts, and often times combining sustainability and wellness.
The first thing we do with our guests is take away their shoes. Our No News, No Shoes mantra grounds our guests – both to nature and also socially. Rather than a dress code, at Soneva we encourage our guests to go “Bare” – when it come to their feet.
With our F&B offerings, our most popular dish is our signature Rocket Salad. The organic leaves are lovingly grown by our gardeners on our island. There is absolutely no detrimental impact on the environment and our guests savour their meals with the knowledge that all the food being consumed is free of chemicals, is fair-trade, and is sustainably sourced.
This simple salad for the urban élite becomes rarer and more cherished than caviar, foie gras, wagyu beef or another gourmet food item. Our rocket salad is the perfect example of where the healthiest and more sustainable choice is also the more luxurious. Other such examples are the fair trade dark chocolate in our Chocolate Room or the biodynamic wines that dominate our wine lists.
Some of my favourite features of our resorts are our outdoor Cinemas, our Observatories, and the large open bathrooms. These are Soneva signature features. We believe that they are true luxury.
Expense, we would argue, is not indicative of luxury. Rarity, however, is.
The features I just mentioned are seldom found in any of the best hotels or Michelin-starred restaurants in large cities across the world. Sustainability and health are hallmarks of something that our guests rarely experience in their home cities. It is rare to enjoy oneself and not harm one’s body. It is rare to enjoy oneself and not damage the environment. It is a luxury in which we too rarely indulge. So, we have combined apparent opposites and found ways in which apparent opposites can live hand in hand.”

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