Our communities

  • Our Communities

    We strongly believe that hiring locally, buying local products and championing sustainable business practices is fundamental and the best way to support the local community which we operate in.

  • Culture

    Respecting the cultures in which we are operating is paramount to Soneva. Food is one of many important parts of culture and sharing local ingredients and local recipes embraces the local culture in a way that both local communities and guests mutually benefit from.

  • Local Knowledge

    Local Knowledge

    Local people are local experts. When we built the ‘Den’ at Soneva Kiri, we used a combination of the local Karen tribesmen’s ancient knowledge of bamboo and the innovation of a Soneva architect to create a truly inspiring structure. Often the extended families of our guests hide people with a unique understanding of local history, custom or biodiversity. These people can make the experiences we offer truly unique.

  • Coir making

    Coconut husk coir rope making is a great tradition in the Maldives. Soneva Fushi has it made and supplied by women from the neighboring island.

    Coir making
  • Education & Awareness

    Education & Awareness

    Providing education is a core part of host training throughout the Soneva community. Our commitment to the environment and to people is echoed in our training policy, which we hope to communicate to our guests and the greater public alike.

  • Soneva Nature Trail

    For local schoolchildren, a trip to Soneva Fushi to explore the coral reefs with the island Marine Biologist can be daunting task. Many of these children cannot swim, and the few that can will most probably have never seen the amazing world that exists beneath the surface. This will be the first opportunity they have to learn about the reefs and the diverse life they support, and a chance for the next generation to be made aware of how precious and fragile these places are.

    Soneva Nature Trail
  • Local Schools

    Local Schools

    Investing in children is investing in our future, and their education could not be more important. At Eydhafushi, the neighbouring island to Soneva Fushi, we funded the construction of a pre-school which now provides education for 200 students. We have also funded the building of a science laboratory on Dharavandhoo, another island in Baa Atoll. It shouldn’t all be work though, so we invest in fun, too. We created a playground at a local school in Koh Kood.

  • SLOW LIFE Symposium

    The SLOW LIFE Symposium convenes business leaders, scientists, NGOs, renowned thinkers and policy makers to help accelerate progress towards environmental sustainability. Participants discuss global issues and seek global solutions that can be applied within a local context. The focus of the Symposium is on the creation of new networks and partnerships.

    SLOW LIFE Symposium
  • The Soneva Foundation

    The Soneva Foundation

    The Soneva Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to deliver meaningful projects that have a positive environmental, social and economic impact. It is a registered charity in the UK with registration number 1138811. Some of its projects includes Myanmar Stoves Campaign, Soneva Forest Restoration, WHOLE WORLD Water, Darfur Stove Project, Care for Children, among others.

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