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Soneva Group Teams up with Carfax Education Group

December 2014

The Soneva Group has joined forces with the Carfax Education Group, the elite educational agency, to offer tutorials to young Soneva guests whilst on holiday to further supplement their education.

From August 2014, 5-15 year old children at Soneva Fushi will be able to attend either group or personalised one-to-one tutorials with a Carfax tutor. All Carfax tutors have graduated from the top public schools and universities of the United Kingdom including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and offer classes (taught in English) in all the main subjects including Maths, Sciences, English as a Foreign Language, and English Literature. Ideally placed to support their young clients, they bring together a wealth of personal experience in terms of educational achievement, and an extensive understanding of the British, American and Swiss education systems.

The ultimate aim is to offer lessons at both Soneva Fushi and Soneva Kiri during all main International school holidays, starting this August, 2014, at Soneva Fushi. This enables parents to enjoy guilt-free holidays with the whole family, knowing that their child’s school, college or university education is not suffering whilst away in the Maldives or Thailand.

‘This collaboration with Carfax is in keeping with Soneva’s ever-evolving dedication to suit the needs of our younger guests’, explained the Soneva Group’s CEO and Chairman Sonu Shivdasani. ‘When children have finished their tutorials, they can join their friends in The Den for the more light-hearted part of their holiday. We want their learning to be fun too.’

Carfax is a tutoring and educational consultancy agency with headquarters in London and offices in Oxford, Moscow, St Petersburg, Dubai, Tokyo, Baku, Monaco, Geneva, and Kiev. In each market it serves, Carfax provides some of the best one-to-one tuition.

As an agency, Carfax is distinguished by the extremely high level of service and support provided to their clients and tutors, its unparalleled knowledge of school and university entry requirements, a unique international network of tuition centres around the world – and, most importantly, by their high calibre tutors.

The Carfax Education group specializes in bespoke educational services for private and institutional clients in the UK and abroad. As one of the founders of The Tutors’ Association, it contributes its expertise and experience to the growing awareness and professional recognition of the tutoring industry as a respectable teaching profession. The concept of responsible tutoring remains at the core of Carfax’s work, allowing the team to deliver expert advice on every child’s tuition on a daily basis.

Bi-weekly group classes will be offered on a complimentary basis and one-to-ones will be charged at an introductory rate of $150 USD. Bookings can be made via:




Note to editors:

Soneva Fushi has a selection of one, two, three and four bedroom villas with the nine-bedroom villa being officially launched in September.

Soneva Kiri has villas with one to six bedrooms.

About the Soneva Group

The Soneva Group is a world leading sustainable luxury resort operator which owns and manages Soneva Fushi in the Maldives and Soneva Kiri in Thailand. Soneva in Aqua, a new yacht experience, will be launched in the Maldives in 2014.

Soneva Private Residences promotes a limited number of private residences for sale at both resorts, with prices ranging from $3-$15m.

The company is committed to leading the hospitality industry in environmentally responsible tourism.  Annual environmental performance improvements are in place with the ultimate goal of decarbonising.

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The Soneva Group is also committed to its SLOW LIFE philosophy:



Carfax Private Tutors

Carfax Private Tutors is committed to providing the highest standard of private tuition in all academic subjects and languages, to pupils of all ages. All tuition undertaken by Carfax tutors is bespoke, meaning that lessons are of the maximum efficiency as pupils undertake work that is wholly relevant to them at all times.


Carfax will work together with pupils to create effective academic plans which look to recognize both strengths and weaknesses, with a view to further academic success. Carfax will then oversee pupils’ progress throughout the entire scheme of work, providing feedback regularly.


Each course at Carfax is tailored to an individual’s abilities and character, ensuring that supplementary study is specific and targeted.


Through the wider Carfax Education group, Carfax Private Tutors is able to offer guidance in the selection, preparation and application to the most prestigious schools and universities in the UK, the US and Switzerland, as well as in the United Arab Emirates.


For pupils planning on entering a school, Carfax Private Tutors provide consulting advice on the provision of education available, as well as academic support to ensure pupils are of the required standard to enter these institutions and flourish.


Carfax Private Tutors is part of the wider Carfax Education Group, offering a broad range of high quality educational services worldwide.


Carfax Education Group

Carfax originated in 1997, when the founder of the company personally began advising clients on successful applications to the University of Oxford and Cambridge.

By 2005, demand for such advice having grown substantially, Carfax incorporated. It established its headquarters as an educational consultancy in Berkeley Square, London. Having operated for most of its existence from offices in Mayfair and St. James’ in central London, the company has seen tremendous expansion into a number of markets in Russia, the former CIS countries, the Middle East and Asia.

With a permanent presence in London, Oxford, Monaco, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubai, Kiev, Tokyo, and Baku – and new offices scheduled to open in Hong Kong, Geneva and Singapore in the near future – Carfax is well established as a leader in the field of private and international education.

In addition to Carfax’s geographical expansion, the original educational consultancy for private clients has branched out into a number of dedicated services. In 2006, a guardianship agency was formed to look after overseas pupils at British boarding schools. In 2008, an independent fifth- and sixth-form tutorial college was established in Oxford. In 2009, a tutoring agency was launched in London. In 2011 an educational consultancy for institutions, investors, governments, and international agencies was created. The company also operates the Carfax Education Recruitment division that has been established in 2013 with particular focus on recruiting staff for international schools and universities

How to contact the Carfax Group:

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact

Mr Matthew Goldie-Scot


Telephone: +44 7775 424 090

Or visit one of our websites at:

Carfax Educational Guardians:

Carfax Private Tutors:

Carfax Educational Consultants:

Carfax Education Recruitment:

Carfax Educational Projects: