Secrets of Koh Kood Complimentary Experiences

Koh Kood Discovery

Be transported back to a time when life in Thailand was simpler. Discover the charm of life on Koh Kood when you visit the Ao Salad fishing village and see how the locals live. Lose yourself in the natural beauty of the lush mangrove forests that grow around the island. Complete your journey of discovery at the stunning Klong Chao waterfall, swim in its cooling freshwater lagoon, the perfect way to end the day.

Koh Rang Snorkelling and Lunch

Get a glimpse of the magical underwater world found in the Gulf of Thailand. Whether you are a snorkelling enthusiast or a first timer, the pristine coral reef at Koh Rang Yai National Marine Park is an experience not to be missed. Find yourself amidst the rich and abundant marine life with your personal snorkelling guide. Discover exotic corals, vibrant fish and the natural beauty of an untouched island.

Butterfly Quest

Head deep into the lush rainforest along hidden trails, guided by Soneva Kiri’s expert Tropical Ecologist. Marvel in the discovery of a secret waterfall, its cooling spray a welcoming sensation on the skin. Then be treated to a kaleidoscope of colours as you are introduced to the 100 species of exquisite butterflies on the island. Watch as the delicate creatures glide and flutter by, showing of their intricate patterns and rainbow hues.

Chef Benz Cooking Class and Market Tour

Delve into the zesty flavours and mouthwatering aromas that are native to traditional Thai cuisine. Start your day with Chef Benz as she sources freshly caught fish in the local fishing village of Ao Salad. Then learn all Chef Benz’s tricks and techniques for perfecting your first authentic Thai dish, a perfect day of culinary discovery.


On the remote island of Koh Kood, we felt a sense of wonder as we stared into its open sky, far from the obscuring lights of civilisation. Visit our state-of-the-art Observatory and explore the night skies with our visiting astronomers. Learn about the constellations, count the moons of Jupiter and gaze at the halo of Saturn’s translucent ring.

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