Featured Artists

Each year, four to five renowned artists from around the world are invited join us at Soneva Fushi as Soneva Art’s Featured Artists. During their 3-6 week stay at Soneva Fushi, the artists embark upon projects to create artworks in Soneva’s fully equipped interdisciplinary art studio, while drawing inspiration from the stunning natural beauty of Kunfunadhoo Island and the surrounding turquoise of the Maldivian seas.

Artists also enjoy the rare opportunity to work in the Soneva Glass studio, collaborating with the Soneva Glass team to realize works of art in the media of cast and blown glass.

Artists are encouraged to create works from waste materials accumulated, and/or natural materials collected, on and around the island. Each artist’s project culminates in an exhibition of the created artworks which is held in the Soneva Art Gallery.

So Glassycle opened at Soneva Fushi in late 2015, and is a place where guests can watch world-renowned glass artists create objects of art from waste glass materials and to learn the art of glass blowing themselves. Only waste glass produced from Soneva Fushi and resorts in the local area is used at the facility.


Lino Tagliapietra is arguably the worlds most celebrated and proficient glass artist.  Born in 1934 on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy, Lino was introduced to the art of glass-making at a very young age.  He began honing his skills at the tender age of 12 years old and, at the age of 21, Lino was deemed a “Maestro” and became one of the most coveted glass-makers working in the top glass studios of Murano.  In 1979, Lino began working regularly in the United States and began teaching and exchanging ideas and techniques with American glass artists at the Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, Washington. Lino’s reputation quickly grew and spread to the far corners of the globe. Hence, the age of glass-making as a contemporary art form was born.

Maestro Lino and his team joined us at Soneva Fushi in December 2015 to celebrate the launch of the Soneva Art and Glass programme.  The fifteen breathtaking sculptures created during this time are currently on exhibition in Soneva’s Art Gallery. These works are the only existing artworks by Lino Tagliapietra to have been created from recycled waste glass. Each artwork is signed by the artist and inscribed “Soneva Fushi,” forever linking the works to Soneva Fushi; making this series of works extremely rare.

Maestro Lino and his artworks are in high demand and we are humbled and honored that he joined us at Soneva Fushi to celebrate the launch of Soneva’s Art and Glass Programme.

Now in his 70th year of a long and illustrious career, Lino is heralded internationally as an artist unparalleled in his technical skills and mastery of the medium.  He is very widely collected by museums and private collection throughout the world and will forever hold a place in contemporary art history and the history of glass.

View available artworks here


“Stacks” is an exhibition of cast glass sculptures created by renowned American sculptor Howard BenTre.
This series of sculptures was created at the Soneva Glass Studio in March and April 2016.

The hand-made wood patterns and forms used to create these works were originally crafted by Howard in 1977, and were the first forms that the sculptor ever realized in cast glass, the medium in which Howard would ultimately master, and for which he would receive great praise. These early works of the 1970s were also created by melting recycled glass. Adding to the nostalgia of his return to these forms is to, once again, utilize this reclaimed material.

During this project, Howard has revisited these patterns, reconsidered them, and forms that originally were representative of solitary objects, have been stacked in multiples. The resulting works are vertical compositions, or towers, that imply both a significant weight and strength from the subsequent layers, and at the same time a sense of lightness emanating from the deep glowing glass.

These stacked structures represent the artist’s lifelong fascination with historical architectural and its significance in religious and social rituals.

View available artworks here


Flavie Audi is a rapidly rising star the in the art world, from Europe to the Middle East and beyond. She uses materials such as glass and stone to create ethereal sculptures that emanate a sense of weightlessness and suspension.

The series of sculptures Flavie created during her tenure at Soneva Fushi was made from upcycled glass bottles produced at the resort, as well as glass collected from other islands in the Baa Atoll.

View available artworks here.


Clifford Rainey is one of the true pioneers of the glass art movement. His work focuses on both the human form and the bottle form, and many of his works convey the human condition and its relationship to the environment. His works are collected throughout the world and are included in numerous major museum collections.


Sunny Wang was awarded a MVA at Australian National University in 2001, and received her PhD, Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Arts–Glass) at the University of South Australia in 2012. Prior to joining HKBU, she taught at the National Taiwan University of Arts. She has also been invited to teach the glass intensive workshops at the National Taipei University of Arts and the National Tainan University of Arts on many occasions.

In 2005 she was invited to present a lecture on her primary research in contemporary Chinese glass at the Glass Art Society International Conference. In 2006 Sunny was invited to teach at the international school, The Glass Furnace, Istanbul, Turkey.

During 2006 and 2007 Sunny was a Visiting Scholar at the Hong Kong Baptist University. She taught glass blowing and casting and assisted in the design and establishment the glass workshop. As an artist Sunny has presented many solo and group exhibitions around the world.

Her works are represented in public and private collections in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Italy, France, Japan and USA. Sunny commences teaching glass art at HKBU Academy Visual Arts in September 2007.