The Glass Studio

Soneva Glass

Operating a resort on a remote island such as Soneva Fushi has unique physical and logistical challenges. We routinely ship significant amounts of materials and supplies to the island, so that we can offer our guests exceptional services and exquisite culinary offerings in our celebrated restaurants. Once these products are consumed, however, another challenge emerges. What do we do with the waste materials like glass bottles from wine, beer, and liquor?

We Upcycle

Typically resorts in the Maldives will crush their bottles and sell the crushed glass to a recycling company, or simply dump the waste glass into the ocean.

Our solution to this is to take on this entire process ourselves. We begin by crushing the glass and melting it in our state-of-the-art glass furnace. We then use a variety of techniques, such as blowing, casting, and slumping to create extraordinary items that are of a much higher value than it was in its original form as a bottle. We Upcycle it!

Soneva Signature Collections

Led by our Curator of Art and Glass, our skilled team of glass-specialists design and create unique signature collections of plates, bowls, glasses, etc… for each of our restaurants at Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani, our latest resort in the Maldives.  Our Curator meets regularly with the Chefs at each of our restaurants and works with them to generate designs that both complement the chef’s culinary vision as well as the concept and location of each restaurant. These unique signature collections are also available to be purchased by our guests from the glass retail boutique.

Glass Blowing Courses for Guests

We offer our guests at Soneva Fushi the rare experience of learning how to blow glass. Our experienced glass working team at Soneva shares with our guests all the skills they require to create their very own glass masterpiece.