Meet Our Hosts

Get to know a little bit more about some of the Hosts we have at Soneva Fushi.

Abdullah - Longest Serving Host

Abdullah has worked for Soneva for more than 25 years and has watched Soneva Fushi grow and develop into a world leading resort. He held a senior position in Soneva’s Engineering department, before being recently transferred to Soneva Jani to help with the opening.

Chef Akira Koba - Sushi Chef

Chef Akira is an exceptionally experienced sushi chef from Japan who is visiting Soneva Fushi this year to oversee the resort's new sushi dining destination. Chef Akira has trained under one of Japan's most renowned Master Chef. 

Chelsea Xu - Ms. Friday

Chelsea Xu, graduated from Guangzhou China Hotel Management in 2013. She first came to the Maldives in 2014 to work at Jumeirah Divanafushi as a Chinese guest relation executive. In 2017 she joined Soneva Fushi as a Chinese Ms. Friday, and now almost 2 years on she is still in love with the island and the resort.

Mohamed Faseeh - Area Director of Food and Beverage Soneva, Maldives

Mohamed Faseeh (or Fassy) started his career in 1997 as an HR Officer. In 2002, Fassy joined Soneva Gili, as a food and beverage service host, while he completed his Master’s in Food Service and obtained a Diploma in Entry Level Wine and Spirit Education. In 2013 he moved to Soneva Fushi as a Food and Beverage Manager, and in 2014 was promoted to Director of Food and Beverage. 

Frederica Siena - Marine Biologist

Federica monitors marine life and the effects of human activities on the coral reef. She offers guided snorkelling tours and presentations to create greater environmental awareness. She also collaborates with NGOs, Government Organisations and Universities to share scientific information locally and globally.

Gordon Jackson - Area Waste-to-Wealth Manager, Maldives

Gordon heads up Soneva's Waste-to-Wealth initiative and oversees Eco Centro. At Eco Centro Gordon and his team work to find new and innovative ways to recycle and reuse the waste produced by Soneva, such as by composting, making bio char and coconut oil.

Histo the Politician

Viktor Pinchuk, an MP from Ukraine, was introduced to Histo as his Mr. Friday. Inspired by Viktor, Histo started helping his community and became a Member of Parliament in the Maldives. Today he is the Vice President of the Human Rights Commission in the Maldives.

Ken Kiriyama - Freediving Instructor

Ken has been practicing yoga and pranayama since the age of 16 and was initiated into meditation at age of 17. He is also a freediver athlete and instructor at Apnea Academy under Umberto Pelizzari. He uses pranayama and meditation as the foundation and preparation for freediving. He teaches Yoga, meditation and freediving internationally as well as giving lectures, workshops and seminars.

Chef Nikki - Japanese Chef

Chef Jalill, better known as Chef Nikki, joined Soneva Fushi as a Japanese Chef in June 2016. Half Japanese and half Sri Lankan, Nikki was trained as a chef in Japan five years, before moving into hospitality in the Maldives in 2007. He has been part of the Soneva family since 2009. He travels the world for Soneva, attending hospitality events and cooking for Soneva Enthusiasts. He is loved by guests for not only his culinary skills, but also his friendly personality.

Pawan Kumar - Yoga Instructor

Pawan, from India, completed his yoga studies in by practicing in many ancient ashrams around India, resulting in many years of learning and practicing yoga with great yoga masters in the Himalayas. For Pawan, yoga is the science of disciplined life, it is the discipline of the mind, senses and the physical body. It is the master-key to unlock the realms of Peace and Bliss, Mystery and Miracle. He travels the world spreading awareness of the practice of yoga and its many benefits.

Shafeeq at Home

There are three generations of Shafeeq’s family providing for the island. His grandfather weaves baskets and his father and brother catch local fish. From a nearby island, they love to share with hosts and guests their local knowledge and experience.

Shiyam Hussain - Executive Assistant Manager

Hussain (Shiyam) joined Soneva Fushi in 2002 as one of the first Mr. Fridays trained in the Maldives, going on to work as Front Office Manager, Rooms Division Supervisor and Resident Manager at Soneva and other five-star resorts in the Maldives. He then completed his higher studies in Malaysia in Hospitality Management. Shiyam re-joined Soneva in December 2015 as Operations Manager, and was promoted to Executive Assistant Manger a year later, where he creates amazing guest experiences.

Sira - Breakfast Chef

Sira is one of Soneva's longest-serving hosts, as he joined Soneva in March 1996. Our guests adore him for his unmissable smile and warm service. You can find Sira behind the breakfast station each morning where he cuts and serves fresh fruit from around the world. Sira is also the man behind our Sri Lankan vegetable garden lunch, where he cooks his native cuisine using vegetables grown in our organic gardens.

Chef Sobah - Chef de Cuisine at Sobah's Restaurant

Chef Sobah is one of the most acclaimed chefs in the Maldives. In 2015 he took top honours at an International Culinary Event, winning the 'Best Chef in the Maldives' Award. He also scooped other awards at the event, including the Best Chef (International category), among others. Sobah's is built on the uninhabited island of Mendhoo - just 15 minutes by boat from Soneva Fushi - and is a fine-dining Maldivian restaurant that serves traditional cuisine with modern twists using traditional cooking methods.

Thomas Waelchli - Diving Instructor

Thomas' story began 35 years ago when he visited the Maldives for the first time and fell in love with scuba diving. Sonu and Eva Shivdasani were clients at a resort he managed and Sonu did his diving license with Thomas’s business partner Lisa. The Soleni Dive Centre has been operating at Soneva Fushi since the resort’s opening in 1995. Never losing his passion for the underwater world, and leading an inspired team, Thomas now brings his professionalism and expertise to operating dive centres in Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani.

Eline Postma - Environment Officer & Marine Biologist

“I’ve never heard anyone talk so passionately about trash” is one of the nicest compliments Eline has ever gotten. Since she joined Soneva late 2017, guests, hosts, and the community at large have been learning from her how to live more sustainably and take better care of our oceans. She monitors the marine life around Koh Kood and offers guided snorkelling tours at the resort.