Tipples above the ripples. Lie back on a cushioned hammock suspended over the Indian Ocean and watch the dance of fish beneath the waves. Look out for dolphins or perhaps a majestic sea turtle gliding past.

We created Bar(a)bara to foster romance or a feeling of warmth – with the aquatic beauty of the Maldives at your feet. Sip creative cocktails, fresh squeezed juices of organic fruits, luscious wines, cold beers and Soneva Fushi’s own crystal-enhanced wellness waters.

Bar(a)bara is currently closed until further notice.

A relaxing evening

Your favourite cocktail, a refreshing beer - any drink for that matter - is just the thing for sunset watching.

Special Diets

Be your needs allergy related or rooted in your religion or culture, at Soneva we can cater to your dietary requirements.

All we need is time to plan ahead, so don't hesitate to let Reservations know of any special preparation that you need or foods that you don't eat in advance.

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