Fresh in the Garden by Sobah

Freshly picked delights bring back memories of childhood – midsummer strawberry picking, twisting dandelions in hand. In Soneva Fushi’s eternal summer, Fresh in the Garden rekindles these sensations from its lofty perch.

Surrounded by tropical banana trees, this restaurant without walls rises above our herb and vegetable garden with sublime panoramas stretching as far as the eye can see.

Many chefs dream of being able to walk out into an abundant garden, full of ingredients, and be inspired by what's around them. Our chefs at Fresh in the Garden achieve that; they push boundaries to excite our tastebuds, without harming Mother Nature. They create healthy, vegetable-inspired Mediterranean meals in this fine dining outdoor restaurant under the stars.

View our short film about Fresh in the Garden here.

A treehouse experience

Dine on home-grown delicacies, all the while enveloped in the scents of the herb garden below.

Garden to table

As many of our ingredients as possible are grown right here, at Soneva Fushi.

Heavenly scents

Relax as the breeze lifts the delicately tantalising aromas of our herb gardens up to your table.

Special Diets

Be your needs allergy related, rooted in your religion or culture, at Soneva we can cater to your dietary requirements.

All we need is time to plan ahead, so don't hesitate to let Reservations know of any special preparation that you need or foods that you don't eat in advance.

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