Mihiree Mitha

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “nothing succeeds like excess.” In that spirit we have gone delightfully overboard for you at Mihiree Mitha, which means “here it is” in Dhivehi, and almost any dish you crave can be found at our buffet.

Begin your day with baked goodies, imported cheeses, eggs every way possible and a treasure chest of jams and fresh fruits. For lunch or dinner, choose from sushi and sashimi, organic salads, wood-fired pizzas, curries, fish and tandoori. More than 30 homemade ice creams and sorbets await your sweet tooth, along with our homemade chocolates and desserts.

Lovingly prepared

All dishes are prepared with the utmost care to flavour.

Keeping the freshness intact

Always enjoy your fruit freshly sliced.

As a food obsessive, I have to say that the dishes at Soneva Fushi are extraordinary. I became embarrassed at how often my family, me included, kept refilling our plates. Then we were gently encouraged to visit the 'chocolate room', a chilled space filled with dozens of confectionery creations. My children wept.

Stanley Tucci - Condé Nast Traveller UK, September 2017

Special Diets

Be your needs allergy related or rooted in your religion or culture, at Soneva we can cater to your dietary requirements.

All we need is time to plan ahead, so don't hesitate to let Reservations know of any special preparation that you need or foods that you don't eat in advance.

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