Sobah’s Restaurant

chef sobah at soneva fushi maldives
chef sobah at soneva fushi maldives
Soneva_Fushi_Sobah_Restaurant_aerial4_by Richard Waite-big

Named after Chef Sobah, the ‘Best Chef in the Maldives’ award winner, Sobah’s is a traditional Maldivian restaurant located on an uninhabited island only 15 minutes away by speedboat from Soneva Fushi.

The cuisine is uniquely Maldivian with modern twists, and is prepared using traditional cooking methods. The beach restaurant seats only 18 for dinner and is open two nights per week, subject to a minimum number of diners. On completion of the dinner, guests will be given an introduction to the starry night sky from our resident astronomer, while enjoying some of our finest digestives. A not-to-be-missed experience.

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