Freediving is the exhilarating practice of discovering the underwater world using only a single breath. You will learn our finning technique – how to propel thorough the ocean, increase your breath hold capacity, the ability to both relax and focus, equalisation and of course safety, which is paramount.

The Freediving courses consist of theory lessons, breathing and relaxation techniques, stretching, confined water and open water practice. Guests will learn about what happens in the human physiology when we Freedive, about the physics of water, about mental capacities, deep relaxation and breathing techniques to improve health and well being. The breathing techniques are the key factor for Freediving and these can be used anytime anywhere, in ones daily life back home. In the water you will learn how to move more graciously, thereby saving energy.

Duration & Price: Available on request

*This experience is season and weather dependent

Beauty without boundaries

Without bulky tanks and equipment, explore the beauty of the ocean.


Using principles from yoga and meditation, our resident freediver Ken Kiriyama shows how the mind and body can work together

Enhance your skill

With classes for both beginners and advanced freedivers, enhance your skills and confidence in the water

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