Corporate Retreat In The Maldives

The Maldives’ original desert island hideaway, Soneva Fushi is nestled amongst lush tropical foliage in touching distance of a white-sand beach and the clear blue of the Indian Ocean. Imbued with mystery and adventure, every experience here stimulates the mind and the imagination.

Drawing on the natural resources of the Maldivian island and our own commitment to innovation, our distinctive packages offer activities, challenges and experiences designed to motivate and strengthen a team, and generate some big ideas. Each package also includes a complimentary cocktail party on our private sandbank.

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Focus is the doorway to all thinking; learning, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. Without focus, the mind wanders and work suffers. The Focus Package is designed to help a team centre their thoughts through challenges and experiences that require total concentration.

Yoga & Meditation

Rise before the Maldivian sun and gather on the beach for a calming sunrise yoga session. The session will challenge you to switch off your mind and pay close attention to your body through the gentle postures of the ancient Indian practice of Yoga. With mental stress alleviated and mind and body balanced, you will start the day of decision making refreshed and empowered.


For a body as relaxed as your mind, choose from a selection of stress relieving Oriental and Ayurveda massages at the Six Senses Spa. Calming, detoxifying and rejuvenating, the touch of our experienced masseurs combined with the rich aroma of oils will leave you ready to embrace a day of ideas and inspiration.


Discover the underwater world on one single breath with a freediving course led by our world champion freediving instructor. Calling for complete awareness, focus, trust and relaxation, freediving is a unique challenge that helps you to concentrate on depth and timings, overcome fear and build self-esteem.

Island Treasure Hunt

With a map and a compass as your guide, fly around the island on bike to discover the treasure hidden in a secret location. As a challenge that requires stamina, quick thinking and a problem-solving approach, you will need to assign each member a role. Work together to find the X that marks the spot and bond over a shared sense of adventure and achievement.

Sunset Cruise

A floating villa setting sail from Soneva Fushi at sunset, Soneva in Aqua is the perfect setting for an intimate business trip. The remarkable seclusion of the private boat charter, the serenity of the Indian Ocean and the supply of Champagne and canapés will become the catalysts that turn your dreams into plans and plans into realisations. Free from distractions, you will arrive back on land with important decisions made and your route to success mapped out.

Sandbank Dinner

Step aboard a speedboat and be whisked off to a secluded sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean. For business or for pleasure, this exclusive dining experience is the ideal opportunity to connect and create over a bespoke menu designed for your individual culinary palates. With nothing but the lapping waves for company, you will soon discover the power of uninterrupted conversation.

Jungle Dinner

Blindfolded and transported to a secret jungle location, you and your team will be encircled by the rich green of the jungle foliage and be taken on a unique culinary journey by our expert chef. With each course engaging a particular sense, it is the ultimate 360-degree sensory experience – one that forces you to lower your barriers and embrace the unknown.


To give back is to substantiate your place on earth. Join forces with our community engagement manager and work on a number of established projects with nearby islands, including local swimming classes, composting projects, beach clean ups and other educational initiatives. Seeing the direct impact of your support will be as rewarding as it is inspiring.

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