Sunrise Side

Villa 15

A spacious villa that hugs a statuesque jungle tree in the hallway. This plush residence with decadent space encapsulates everything you could dream of, with four sumptuous bedrooms, a study, a den for the children, and even a room for their nanny. Outside there are plenty of options for lounging and dining – the huge swimming pool has a sunken dining table and water slide. For quieter bathing moments, you’ll find an iconic Soneva outdoor bathroom for moments of peace.

Sq. Metres
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Includes a children's room, children's den, nanny's room, outdoor bathrooms, living and dining rooms, bar and kitchen, private pool, sunken seating, water slide, and sun loungers.

Hidden gems

Vibrant emerald greens and sapphire blues are the colours that paint this villa and its surrounds.

Rise to the sun's rays

Wake up to the morning sun as it warms both your pool and the turquoise sea beyond.

Charming vistas

The Master Bedroom with its private balcony overlooks the pool and the Indian Ocean.

Colours that pop

Bright greens and purples add a splash of colour to the muted palette of the Guest Bedroom.

A soothing paradise

Pale woods and turquoise glass create a sense of tranquility in the Master Suite's outdoor bathroom.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Warm wood tones invite you to sit down to a meal.

Make an entrance

What is the best way to hit the water? Your very own water slide, of course.

Embracing the natural

In the centre of Villa 15 is a sprawling tree. When we designed this villa, we couldn't bear to cut it down, so we built around it.

3D Floorplan

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