Sunset Side

4 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Villa Suite with Pool

Who would not want to be shipwrecked on at Soneva Fushi? We have even taken care of the hard part for you; the thatched roof has been woven, the beams hewn, the hammock hung, your own “lagoon” (a private swimming pool) dug and tiled. All you have to do is enjoy it. Frolic in your spacious four-bedroom villa suite and its refreshing pool. Hit the white Maldivian sands outside your door or take to the bicycles we have provided for you and explore the island trails.

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Includes outdoor bathrooms, sitting areas, private pool, in-villa wine cooler, pantry, library, and sun loungers.

Breathtaking mornings

Listen to the sounds of the island waking each morning as the first rays of the sun spill over the horizon.

Find your bliss

Our soft white sheets and your choice of pillow from our Pillow Menu are just the thing to ease you off into dreamland.

Don't just dream

Dreams of soft sand, warm sea breeze and fine cuisine are a reality at Soneva Fushi.

The freedom of the outdoors

Relive what it was like to bathe surrounded by nature, with only the sun, moon and stars as your witness.

From snacks to gourmet dining

Enjoy a midnight snack from the pantry or have our Chefs prepare a bespoke dining experience right in your villa.

Soneva Fushi - a haven for water babies

A perfectly still salt water pool or the gentle waves of the Maldivian seas - both just a short stroll away across warm sands.

Just like home, but better

Sit down and dine together in your home away from home - a ritual often missing from our busy schedules. 

3D Floorplan

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