So Starstruck

Come gaze into the night sky at the twinkling jewel-like stars at our Observatory, the first overwater observatory in the Maldives. This popular experience has awed and amazed guests of all ages at Soneva Fushi and Soneva Kiri, and we’ve made the observatory at Soneva Jani even better.

Soneva Jani boasts the largest telescope in the Maldives; a beautiful blue 16” Schmidt-Cassegrain designed scope named Eleos. At So Starstruck, our observatory dining deck, the telescope rises up through the floor, offering our guests enchanted views of the starry sky. Two massive doors swing up and open from the floor and from the dark depths below, Eleos starts to ascend sitting proudly on her custom made 6m high mask.

After she rises, the doors close and she rests down into her position ready to show her guests several mysterious objects of the night sky. Her sheer size and magnification power means objects close to Earth such as Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon look breathtaking in their detail. Atmospheric storms, ring systems and even craters within craters become so clear that the sight of them gets confused for photos seen in magazines.

Not only does Eleos like to showcase close celestial objects but her clarity allows deep sky objects to be viewed and appreciated as well. One of the furthest objects away that she can see is M104, the Sombrero Galaxy. This galaxy sits 31 million light years away meaning Eleos allows us to see this galaxy how it was 31 million years ago. Our resident Astronomer is on-hand to help navigate the skies for our guests and answer any questions.

With only four dining tables, all of which are linked to screens connected to the telescope, dinner at so Starstruck is a truly ‘out of this world’ experience and not to be missed.

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