A sophisticated telescope rises up through the floor of the observatory deck, offering enchanted views of the starry sky. Visit our James Bond-inspired overwater Observatory, the only one of its kind in the Maldives. Because of our unique location in the Indian Ocean, in a area that has very little light pollution, we can see constellations in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 

Majestically poised

Our telescope rises out of the floor at So Starstruck, a sight straight out of a Bond film.

Shared knowledge is never wasted

Our resident Astronomers are here to guide you through the magic of deep space and share their knowledge of cultural astronomy - which is the study of how ancient cultures used the night sky to navigate, harvest, hunt and teach right and wrong.

Only the state-of-the-art

Our 16" Meade telescope is the perfect tool to explore the night skies and beyond. Soneva is also the first resort in the world to offer its guests access to 3D technology which allows space and deep space objects to be viewed in three dimensions - or as how they actually appear in our universe.

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