Group Events

Inspired by a word that means ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit, Soneva Jani presents a collection of overwater villas and an island sanctuary set within a 5.6 kilometre lagoon of crystal clear waters, fringed by pristine beaches and blanketed in lush tropical greenery. Cocooned in the warm embrace of nature, the resort inspires a sense of calm and sets the stage for inspired gatherings. Designed around the natural resources and experiences the Maldivian island of Medhufaru has to offer, in addition to our own commitment to innovation, our unique packages offer activities, challenges and experiences designed to inspire and reinforce collaboration paving the way for ideas that are out of the box. Each package also includes a cocktail party on our private sandbank, on the house.

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Enrichment Package

Great ideas stem from an enriched mind and body. In order to attain a state of total enrichment, you need to relax and revive. The Enrichment Package is crafted to help the team leave behind stress and external pressures and focus on their strengths and talents. It will pave the way for complete concentration and let their thoughts flow with ease.


Soneva Spa’s view of the shimmering lagoon sets the tone for soul therapy. Choose from a menu of holistic treatments and let your body relax and mind float away to pure bliss. The gentle, soothing touch of our skilled therapists combined with the purity of natural products will cocoon you in a state of rejuvenation, leaving your mind free to work its magic.


As the sun sets over the horizon, join our resident Astronomer at The Observatory, the first overwater observatory in the Maldives, to watch the night sky blanketed with jewel-like stars. Gaze through the lens of our avant-garde telescope and take a closer look at Saturn’s magnificent translucent rings, count the moons of Jupiter and get together with your team to spot Orion's Belt. This exercise sheds light on the value of each individual and their contribution, no matter how small or large.

Innovative Package

Being immersed in a creative environment, indulging in inventive experiences and being surrounded by people that are not afraid to think outside the box, is a great catalyst for original ideas and innovative thinking. The Innovative Package offers you just that. Through a curated selection of experiences, we aim to encourage you and your team to think from a different perspective and address the challenge through unconventional and effective methods.

Island Exploration

Set out on an inventive adventure as you explore the island of Kudafari, a small traditional fishing island with only 600 inhabitants. This island, devoid of motorised vehicles, is an exemplary example of a community that has found the most sustainable ways of living. They manage the island with a sustainable management programme for their waste and have a coral regeneration programme organised by the women of the island. Watch as the locals weave mats and baskets as they have done on the island for hundreds of years, and get inspired by their simple yet inventive methods of environment preservation.

Guided snorkelling

Discover a world that has yet to be fully explored along with our marine biologist. You and your team will set out on a guided snorkelling trip to our Medhufaru lagoon reef for an introduction to the extensive marine life found in the Indian Ocean. Soak it all in and fuel your imagination as our marine biologist guides you through the reefs and explains each species that you will see during this expedition. You may also be lucky enough to encounter the beautiful sea turtles and manta rays, which are native to this area of the Maldives.

Zuhair's Beach

To make the team’s dining experience more enriching, the freshly picked produce selected by the team themselves from The Gardens will be crafted into a bespoke lunch. Zuhair's Beach is tucked away on the secluded North Island, set in the lagoon close to the water villas. The gentle lapping of the waves and the uplifting scent carried by the ocean breeze will make way for great, inspiring conversation.

So Fresh

A healthy body nurtures a healthy mind. A delicious dinner at So Fresh featuring a bountiful buffet of organic garden salads and live cooking stations with our wood burning pizza oven, tandoors and grills with bespoke pizzas and freshly caught fish grilled to order. Plenty of food for thought.


Soneva Jani is where the embrace of nature is enhanced by the caress of luxury. You will be treated to a unique ‘castaway’ experience within the spacious villas that have the flexibility to cater to large groups or individual guests. Each villa features beautifully-designed interiors made from the highest quality sustainable materials. Each water villa opens to its very own stretch of the sparkling lagoon, complete with a private pool and a retractable roof to stargaze from the master bedroom, an ideal setting for a group to connect and bond.