2 Bedroom Water Retreat

With a pool, catamaran net, sunken seats and daybed, the 2 Bedroom Water Retreat affords a wealth of tropical lounging opportunities. The first floor offers a spacious bedroom with retractable roof, bathroom, dressing room, outdoor shower, walk-in minibar, TV lounge and childrens’ sleeping area. The second bedroom is located on the upper floor, along with an additional dressing room, bathroom, seating area, and dining sala with roof deck.

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Includes a children's sleeping area, retractable roof, outdoor bathroom, private pool, in-villa wine fridge, outdoor deck, sunken dining area, daybeds, and sun loungers.

Life is beautiful

Gaze heavenward or out across the shifting hues of our lagoon.

Overwater luxury

Each of our Water Retreats has been conscientiously designed using luxurious, yet sustainable, materials.

Blue hues

From the sea to the skies, open up the retractable roof in the morning or simply enjoy the first rays of the sun on the lagoon.

Unbroken horizons

The upstairs Guest Bedroom comes with uninterrupted views.

Peace of mind

Rest assured, knowing the children are close by.

Bathe in starlight

At the end of the day soothe your skin with a calming shower under the Milky Way.

A pantry of delights

Everything you need is right here in your walk-in mini bar.

Perfectly still

The still surface of your pool reflects the colours of the sky above.

Spaces to relax

Choose the best spot from which to watch the lagoon's colours shift by the hour.

Mesmerising vistas

Dine above the shimmering blue hues of our lagoon from the comfort of your dining sala.

Sink into comfort

Take a meal suspended over the lagoon's waters in the sunken seating area.

3D Floorplan

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