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Nestled on the verdant Thai island of Koh Kood amidst breathtaking tropical rainforest and surrounded by the calming blue of the Gulf of Siam, Soneva Kiri offers an unrivalled blend of rustic luxury, environmentally friendly design and unforgettable, authentic Thai experiences. Making the most of the charmingly rustic resources provided by the island, our distinguishing packages offer activities, challenges and experiences designed to unite and strengthen a team, and generate big ideas.

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Life whirs by without giving you the chance to stop and notice. Encouraging you to pay attention to the present, mindfulness supports self-regulation and effective decision-making. It helps the mind focus and protects the body from stress. The Mindfulness Package is designed to help a team centre their thoughts through experiences that require complete self-focus.


Discover your deepest sense of self with a sunrise yoga session, held under the shade of the rainforest canopy. Quieten your thoughts and focus on the present with guided mindfulness meditation that will leave you calm, centred and ready for a day of decision making.


The night sky is fascinating, with its thick, impenetrable darkness scattered with glimmering specks of light. Feel a sense of wonder as you gaze through our telescope in a state-of-the-art observatory and identify constellations under the guidance of our visiting astronomer. In the quiet of the rainforest far from the obscuring lights of civilization, your mind will become still and you will find yourself focused entirely on the great unknown.

Challenge Package

Your career is one of the biggest challenges you will ever face. It is also one of the most rewarding. To look at it as an adventure is to make the very most of it. The Challenge Package is designed to help teams work together to embrace adventure and realise their unique strengths in the process.

Ocean Quest

Set sail to a secret snorkelling hotspot, break through the surface of the deep blue and discover the vibrant world below. Led by our expert biologist, you will work in pairs to seek out a number of exotic fish and coral formations, competing with your team mates to complete the list first. Submerged in the clear waters, you will disconnect from life on dry land and be inspired by the beauty of the ocean.

Trek and paddle

Embark on a hiking and kayaking adventure that will reveal the true beauty of Koh Kood and the true spirit of your team. Traipse through the Yai Ki jungle, pass by villages and meet the locals before arriving at the ocean shore. After a quick dip, climb aboard your kayak and prepare for competitions in strength, stamina and skill as you race your team members to the buoy.

Treepod Dining

Rediscover the free-spirited days of childhood with an intimate dining experience at Treepod. Hoisted high into the tropical foliage of Koh Kood’s ancient rainforest, gaze out across the boulder covered shoreline as you savour gourmet delights delivered via the zip-line acrobatics of your personal waiter. In this lofty sanctuary, the peace and quiet will lend itself to connecting and collaborating with your team.

Destination Dining

Our island is your playground. Wherever your imagination takes you, our fantastic hosts will bring your dining vision to life. Choose from a candle-lit dinner on a deserted beach, a picnic next to cascading waterfalls or your own adventure at a spot you pioneer yourselves. Design your dream menu with our executive chef and enjoy an unforgettable team meal that will unite and inspire you in its exclusivity.

Community engagement

Unite forces with our community engagement manager and support the local community through a variety of sustainable initiatives, including local swimming classes, composting projects and beach clean ups. Seeing the direct impact of your support will be as rewarding as it is inspiring – substantiating your place on earth.