Villa Ownership

Synonymous with intelligent luxury, Soneva Private Residences raise the benchmark for intuitive service, environmental sensitivity and gracious living.

Available for private ownership, these extraordinary villas are located in some of the world’s most breathtaking locations. Constructed using time-tested indigenous techniques, they are made from sustainable materials that are sourced and adapted to preserve the integrity of the environment and the local communities that surround them.

Soneva made history by being the first developer to offer magnificent homes for foreigners in the Maldives.

We created Soneva Private Residences at the request of our enthusiasts: Soneva guests that enjoy our Asian service philosophy, complemented by the harmony of the environment in which we operate. We hope that being a Soneva Villa Owner will be a wonderful experience for friends and the entire family, where your children grow up wise in the ways of nature, and where holidays become a much anticipated reunion with family and other villa owners.

Not every Soneva guest will be a Soneva Villa Owner and for the discerning few who choose this deeper journey with us, thank you.

Discover our beautiful Private Reserve as featured in The Guardian (June 2017).