Yash Shekhar

Feb. 11 - Mar. 11, 2020 | Soneva Jani

Yash has been deeply involved in Meditation, Healing, Mantra Yoga and Mind Training practices for the past 16 years. He has followed the traditional system of Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Vignyan and Mantra Yoga. He especially focused on Kriya Yoga and joined Yogada Satsanga Ashram in 2002. After earning his Kriya Yoga initiation from Yogada Satsang Society Self Realization Fellowship he went on to learn higher, subtle meditational practices from Himalayan Masters.  To this day, Yash’s direct teachers include Himalayan Masters who are inaccessible to most. One of these Masters initiated Yash into his powerful practice of Tibetan Reiki healing. Yash thus holds not only an impressive healing ability but also rare and authentic knowledge and information about healing techniques, how they work and how they can be made more effective. He shares generously with his growing audiences. Yash has connected with numerous people from all walks of life and raised their awareness about their inherent potential and ways to develop it in order to live a healthy, balanced and happier life.