Villa Ownership


As a Soneva villa owner, share rare and treasured moments with friends and family in the breathtaking natural beauty of our properties.

Two ways

Indulge in the luxury of a lazy day or choose to fill your days with invigorating pursuits. 

Stay in

Soneva Jani's popular features including a Spa, a dive centre, an observatory, a children’s den, an Eco Centro, organic gardens.


Cinema Paradiso first ‘silent cinema’ in the Maldives, with guests given Bluetooth earphones to watch movies so as not to disturb the nesting wildlife in the area.


Choose from global cuisines at our dining outlets, including Soneva’s ubiquitous cheese, chocolate, ice-cream and charcuterie rooms that are complimentary for all guests. 

More Experiences

Various destination and specialty dining experiences will also be available.

Time to Relax

Or, better yet, take inspiration from our ubiquitous bunny, and have the ultimate luxury – do nothing.