• Water Management

    Water Management

    Soneva sources all its water sustainably and is 100% self-sufficient – 40% rainwater collected, 15% deep well and 45% desalination. In addition, Soneva has put in place water-saving practices. Water-saving shower heads, aerators in taps and push valves in heart-of-house areas are all examples of technologies introduced to reduce water consumption.

  • Water Reservoir

    At Soneva Kiri we constructed a water reservoir collecting rain water that supplies the resort with fresh water. We also built our own theatre, Cinema Paradiso, in which guests can enjoy movies outdoor.

    Water Reservoir
  • Waste Water Management

    Waste Water Management

    What we do with waste water is important, too. By treating and filtering waste water in our resorts we can ensure that no untreated waste water is released into the ocean. Waste water is also used to reduce salinity in the brine from the desalination plants which provide fresh water to Soneva Fushi. This closed system minimises any harmful discharge reaching our oceans.

  • Soneva Drinking Water

    In October 2008, Soneva Resorts banned imported bottled water and instead bottles its own Soneva drinking water – still and sparkling – enhanced with minerals bottled in reusable glass bottles.

    Soneva Drinking Water
  • Clean Water Projects

    Clean Water Projects

    Globally, 780 million people lack access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion lack access to basic sanitation services. In recognition of this, Soneva gives a significant proportion of the revenue generated from its water sales to The Soneva Foundation, which works with various charities to implement clean water projects. Since 2010, Soneva has helped over 600,000 people to have access to safe water. Over 488 projects in 53 countries have been implemented. Our main implementing partners are Water Charity and Thirst-Aid.

  • Whole World Water

    The Soneva Foundation initiated, co-founded and funded the establishment of the WHOLE WORLD Water campaign, which builds on Soneva’s success with bottling our own drinking water, selling it and contributing a significant proportion of water sales to clean water projects. The campaign aims to bring the whole hospitality industry together to address global water challenges.

    Whole World Water